WAX The World’s Most Proven And Eco-friendly Blockchain For NFTs

What Is WAX (WAXP)?

WAX (WAXP) is a purpose-built blockchain, released in 2017, that is designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, simpler and safer for every party involved. The WAX blockchain uses delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism. It is fully compatible with EOS.

The custom features and the incentive mechanisms developed by WAX are intended to optimize the blockchain’s utility specifically for use in e-commerce, with the goal of encouraging voting on proposals.

To make this possible, WAX created a suite of blockchain-based tools which decentralized application (DApp) marketplaces and non-fungible tokens can be built upon.

Services such as WAX Cloud Wallet, SSO and OAUTH support e-commerce operations, the latter being a native RNG service and a developer portal. WAX’s blockchain architecture supports 500-millisecond block time and zero-fee transactions for customers. It also makes use of voting rewards to incentivize participation in the selection of block producers and improvement proposals.

How Is WAX Different From Other Blockchains?

WAX uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism in which token holders vote on delegates that act as validators for new blocks.

Token holders may delegate their tokens to someone else, giving them the power to validate transactions on the network. DPoS is a modified version of the traditional Proof-of-Stake model, making it more democratic by allowing anyone to delegate their coins. Furthermore, voting power is weighted on a proportional scale relative to the number of tokens staked.

With DPoS, a delegate validates a block that is then confirmed by other delegates in the network. The transaction is approved and consensus is reached within seconds, allowing all participants to earn their staking rewards.

DPoS is significantly more energy efficient than Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW), in which miners validate blocks and earn their rewards by solving complex mathematical equations. The required computing power for PoW is quite high and makes it an energy-intensive process. While Bitcoin can consume up to 72 TW per year, WAX uses just 0.00023 TW.

Through initiatives like WAX Labs, token holders are also given the power to vote on which developer proposals will be the next projects to launch on the blockchain.

How Is WAX Produced?

During the WAX ICO, 64,750,000 WAX tokens were sold for $9.6 million. The tokens used during the ICO were ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

There is a total supply of 1,850,000,000 that was generated during the genesis or first block of the official WAX blockchain. With the launch of the WAX blockchain mainnet, the original ERC20 WAX tokens can be swapped for WAX tokens that are native to the new blockchain. 

WAX Blockchain

The WAX network works on a consensus model that relies on various WAX Guilds to enhance blockchain production. WAX utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), which depends heavily on WAX Guilds to ensure success in blockchain generation.

The WAX ecosystem has witnessed considerable growth due to the incorporation of the WAX Token Model, which is designed to ensure success in various aspects such as voting, staking, and rewards. The Wax Staking Reward is a feature that has encouraged community participation because it allows users to vote and access rewards.

With WAX tokens, users have immense options to explore. For instance, if staked WAX tokens haven’t been placed, a token holder will require platforms such as Scatter and Lynx to automate the process.

WAX Tokens ($WAXP)

WAX tokens ($WAXP) power the entire WAX ecosystem. They are used to reward participants in the chain and enable contributors to receive ten times the number of tokens purchased. This strategy makes it easier to calculate all microtransactions on the platform.

One benefit of owning WAX tokens is that you get to earn even more tokens by voting for WAX guilds. This is called the WAX staking reward. This process is hassle-free and takes just a minute or two to join. Furthermore, you can unstake your tokens at any time.

WAX And DeFi? WAX’s New Tokenomic Model Explained

In a recent announcement, WAX mentioned they will have a new tokenomic model hoping to capitalise on the rapid growth and popularity of NFTs and decentralised finance (DeFi). Their plan is to link the value generated from creating, selling and trading NFTs to Ethereum. WAX considers it different from other DeFi platforms because they consider these activities to be able to provide a sustainable source of value to stakers.

How the new WAX inter-blockchain tokenomic model would work is that the operational functions of NFTs would still be done on the WAX blockchain, whilst Ethereum will become, “…the capital vault of the WAX NFT empire”. There are 4 components to this new tokenomic model, namely:

  • WAXP to Ethereum bridge: this new bridge will enable WAXP token holders to convert their tokens into WAXE.
  • WAXE: WAXE is a new Ethereum ERC20 utility token. Participants of the WAX tokenomics will need to burn their WAXP tokens to get WAXE tokens via the Ethereum bridge. They would then stake the WAXE in the Ethereum Distribution Contract.
  • WAXG: WAXG is a new Ethereum ERC20 governance token which will be distributed to WAXE stakers based on a set timetable and proportionate to their percentage of the WAX Economic Activity Pool. Token holders will be able to govern the allocation and distribution of economic value on the platform.
  • WAX Economic Activity Pool: This is a smart contract which will accumulate a percentage of generated WAX fees to be converted to ETH for distribution to WAXE stakers or given to WAXG token holders that decide to burn their tokens.
WAX tokenomic process

What Makes WAX Unique?

WAX features a WAXP-to-Ethereum (ETH) bridge that allows WAXP token holders to convert their tokens into WAXE, which is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token.

Users willing to participate in WAX tokenomics need to burn their WAXP tokens in order to get WAXE through the Ethereum bridge. They will then need to stake the WAXE tokens on the Ethereum distribution contract.

WAXG is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 governance token that is distributed to WAXE stakers. The distribution is based on a set timetable and is proportionate to the percentage of the WAX Economic Activity pool. The token holders can govern the allocation and distribution of economic value on the platform as a result.

The WAX Economic Activity pool is a smart contract that accumulates a percentage of generated WAX fees and can be converted into ETH for distribution to WAXE stakers. It can also be given to WAXG token holders that decide to burn the tokens they already have.

How Is the WAX Network Secured?

WAX network’s DPoS consensus is secure against the corruption of a significant minority or producers. Token holders can select WAX guilds by voting in a continuous approval system. They can get an opportunity to produce blocks and token holders can persuade other token holders to vote for them.

A block gets produced on the WAX blockchain every 0.5 seconds; as such, one WAX guild gets authorized to produce a block at any given point in time. If a block does not get produced at the scheduled time, the block for that time slot is skipped. When one or more blocks end up getting skipped, another gap in the blockchain of 0.5 seconds or more is added.

WAX guilds do not receive WAX rewards if they produce 50% or less of the scheduled blocks, which discourages skipping blocks.

WAX has created a full suite of blockchain-based tools that allow anyone to trade digital or physical items instantly and securely.

Features Of WAX

The WAX decentralized exchange allows the customers to purchase goods with a global token. Traders can set their marketplace in WAX, and the ecosystem will unite everyone, provide secured transactions and settlement services. The enormous liquidity of the system allows customers to buy the product at its best price. WAX smart contracts provide a structure and obligation for all participants to transact through the WAX platform. It executes on time, and activities are stored on the blockchain with almost transparency. WAX smart contracts reside on a WAX account. It has 12 characters along with a human-readable label. When one account sends transactions to another, these are handled by smart contracts residing on the target account.

Smart contracts of WAX include obligations, parameters, required actions, information structure, and an interface code. WAX developer hive, office of inspector general for providing transparency for the community, Ethereum microservice for enabling interoperability with other chains for NFTs and other services. Public WAX testnet enables dApps to build applications safely before listing on the mainnet. These are the major roadmaps of the WAX ecosystem. If someone wants to list their game on a particular WAX site, the site owner will get a share of the listing fee. When a person buys the product, the site owner will get a share of the transaction fee. The peer-to-peer marketplace based on decentralized smart contracts on the blockchain eases the transaction process and provides easy settlement of the transactions. Delegated proof of stake algorithms helps to meet the huge demands of the markets.

The WAX lab is a worker proposal system of the WAX platform; it is where WAX projects have been approved after voting. Approved projects will benefit from the WAX labs fund. Guilds act as conforming nodes of the WAX platform. Guilds confirm transactions in the round-robin order. Each guild will be concentrating on one platform or game. The clean and carbon-neutral initiative of WAX is unique from other blockchains. WAX has started creating carbon offsets NFTs and partnered in climate care. Gamers need a third-party assistant for buying and selling games online. OpSkin has developed a method with all the constituents to help the gaming company earn more and expand the business with the best third-party assistance. Following are the major reasons why blockchain games are building on WAX. They need speed and the ability to scale most cost-effectively. Since WAX has a proven transaction speed, Which handles enormous transactions in a second, there won’t be any delay complaints in WAX payments.

Transaction gas fees in WAX are very cheap compared to other blockchains. Only 2% of the sales price is taken as blockchain fees. Blockchain fees are nil for minting and gifting transactions. The average user base of WAX per day is in the range of 350000 to 450000. When the audience base is high, gaming platforms are interested in tying up with WAX. Popular games such as Spinterlands and Alien World have almost 200k daily players. Data shows Bitcoin approximately consumes 120 terawatt-hours per year of energy, and most of the blockchain is doing the same, but WAX stands as an energy-efficient blockchain. By offsetting 211 tons of carbon, it claims WAX is not harmful to the environment. The W.A.S.P strategy of the WAX platform is to allow easy access to dApps and quick reach to customers.

W.A.S.P is the abbreviation of WAX blockchain + decentralized marketplace similar to Amazon + decentralized virtual item trading and generation + decentralized wallets (similar to PayPal). The microservice layer of WAX makes all the above possible smoothly and effectively, ensuring transactions’ safety. Increased demand for the NFT marketplace is one of the main reasons for the value rise in WAX, blockchain-based tools owned by WAX acquired high demand on the NFT marketplace, decentralized applications. The company has a strong stand in the NFT marketplace, which is expected to continue in the future. NFT is still considered to be at the early stage of development, so companies such as WAX, which already created a brand name on NFT, can be benefited a lot in the future. Now it remains a pioneer in the NFT marketplace and good virtual trading.

5 Reasons Why Wax Coin Is Worth Buying

Early Adoption of Using Wax Coins in the Gaming Industry

A significant use application for blockchain is trading game assets. Opskins is a big platform with the relationships and user base needed to succeed in this field. WAX tokens trade for virtual objects in-game and other purchases. 

The WAX Token becomes a requirement for players who wish to purchase, sell, rent, or digital exchange assets on the WAX network. On OPSkins.com, Battalion 1944 is the 13th new Steam game that you can trade for WAX Tokens. 

Wax is an undervalued cryptocurrency, in our opinion, and trading game skins on the blockchain is an underrated application. 

Unfortunately, not all altcoins are established yet by businesses that have already made a name for themselves in the gaming field, but fortunately, the WAX coin has early adoption.

Market Oversaturation on other Blockchains. 

The number of large banks, corporations, personalities, major sports, and the list is never-ending; all are moving into the crypto realm to make blockchain investment a lot more appealing.

No one will know what to engage in or what to purchase, for that matter. Every coin has incredible features as well as a roadmap for even greater things to come.

On the other hand, the WAXP currency is a usually secure short- and long-term crypto investment with much less saturation, and it is becoming more valuable as time goes on.

 Tremendous growth potential.

According to technical WAX study and assessment, the present market rank of WAXP is #145, with a market value of USD 544,325,839.74.

In contrast, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is $1,163,463,416,257.80 USD! WAX has a maximum circulating amount of 1,783,151,689 WAXP coins, whereas Bitcoin has a maximum current supply of 18,853,293 BTC coins.

Most analysts and professionals believe the WAX coin (WAXP) prices will rise shortly. The price forecasts for WAXP in 2022, 2023, 2024, and beyond are quite positive.

Environmentally Conscious

WAX Coins is an environmentally conscious currency that makes use of blockchain technology. WAX Coins enable virtual items in gameplay. Furthermore, the transaction is always using a smart contract. 

This contract establishes the foundation for reliable commerce between vendors and purchasers. Moreover, the platform enables a considerable number of dealers to open their virtual storefronts.


WAX, according to several crypto lovers, is a solid investment. The project’s based on solid technological foundations and Wax Coin NFTs targets the most attractive segments of the blockchain ecosystem: the NFT industry.

WAX Introduces the Biggest Worker Proposal Fund in the History of Blockchain


  • Payments are instant via the platform.
  • Users of the WAX platform knowledgeable about the assets and price
  • It gives popular games appraisal solutions to markets in need of confirmation and review.
  • The advantages are here to retain the participants’ ecosystem flourishing.
  • This platform allows entrepreneurs and artists to generate their virtual products. They can even sell them on the internet’s virtual markets.
  • You may always earn hefty fees from a WAX membership by enabling and evaluating transactions.
  • WAX has paved the way for a new wave of virtual asset dealers, much like early internet markets paved the way for power sellers.


  • Before functions such as transfer and transfer, there is a prerequisite. The prerequisite is that WAX can not transfer coins to the WAX Coin contract itself, resulting in code duplication.

WAXP Price Prediction 2022- 2030

Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is Wax Coin a Good Investment? 4
Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is Wax Coin a Good Investment? 5

Wax Price Prediction 2022

In 2022, we expect the price of WAXP will drop to a minimum of $0.38, based on our in-depth technical analysis of previous price data for WAXP. The price of WAXP may go as high as $0.44, with an average trade price of $0.39. WAXP is a cryptocurrency.

Wax Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, the price of WAX is expected to fall to at least $0.50. With an average WAX price of $0.52 until 2023, the price may rise to a high of $0.65.

Wax Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, the price of WAX is expected to drop to as low as $0.71, according to price forecasts and technical analysis. With an average trading price of $0.73, the WAXP price may rise to a high of $0.86.

Wax Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, the price of one WAX is predicted to be at least $1.05. In 2025, the average price of WAXP is expected to be $1.09, with a maximum price of $1.24.

Wax Price Prediction 2026

It’s predicted that the WAX price will go as low as 1.50 in 2026, which is the lowest feasible figure. According to our research, the WAXP price might rise as high as $1.77, with an average prediction price of $1.55 per share.

Wax Price Prediction 2027

The WAX price is expected to be about $2.21 in 2027, based on our in-depth technical analysis of previous WAXP price data. With an average trading value of $2.27 in USD, WAX may reach a maximum value of $2.65.

Wax Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, WAX is expected to have a minimum price of $3.24. In 2028, the WAX price might reach a top of $3.83, with an average trading price of $3.34 during the year.

Wax Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the WAX price is predicted to be at a minimum of $4.53, based on forecasts and technical analysis. There will be a maximum price of $5.54 and an average price of $4.66 for WAXP,

Wax Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of WAX is expected to drop to as low as $6.47 a pound. With an average trading price of $6.71, WAX may achieve a maximum value of $8.00 by 2030.

Wax (WAXP) Price Prediction by Industry Experts

A wide variety of platforms conducts crypto predictions. However, some crypto analysts have established themselves as reliable analysts. The trends in the cryptocurrency marketplace are often confusing to new investors, and it is incredibly challenging to predict the future with precision.

Although no one in the industry can claim to predict future coin prices with ultimate precision, industry experts have established a commendable track record of giving reasonable price predictions.

Industry experts and crypto influencers have generally backed the predicted bullish trend of the Wax token. Today, many experts speak positively of the cryptocurrency as they predict the continued positive growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem and the price of the Wax cryptocurrency.



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